Panther, Kentucky

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1886 Directory Listing for Panther

An abandoned post office sits at the junction of Hwy 554 and Hwy 1514, 8 miles SSW of Owensboro. It was established in the store of John P. Burns. The town was named Panther Creek for the stream located 4 miles north.

Panther Creek received its name in 1776 when Leonard Helms and Edward Hogan were on an exploring expedition of the Ohio and Cumberland rivers. Near the mouth of the creek, they were attacked by a huge panther which they killed. They named the creek in honor of this exciting event.

Aug. 10, 1881 – A new post office established in Vanover’s Precinct called Panther. John P. Burns is the Postmaster. An earlier Panther Creek post office was established on the creek in 1830. In 1839, it was renamed Howardsville and was discontinued in 1843.