Grissom's Landing

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1886 Directory Listing for Grissom's Landing


The town was named after Alfred Grissom who settled in the area in 1856. He originally came to Daviess County in 1828/29 and first settled in Owensboro and worked as a tailor. In February 1930, Alfred Grissom lived in St. Louis. His last 18 years were in the Old Folks Home there.

Town Information

Grissom's Landing is situated on the Ohio River, nine miles below Owensboro.

In 1874, the Owensboro Monitor stated that Grissom Landing did not “show off” well from the river and would not suspect that up the bank is a good sized village. It is noted that the village could boast of one of the best string bands to be found anywhere composed of Messers, Gaw, Mattingly, Price and others.

As of 1883, there were two stores, a hotel, post office, and U. S. Express Company agency.

In 1888, the railroad was being built through Stanley and most of this town moved there.

The road consisted of dirt and in the winter became quite muddy. The Monarch family helped to build the Grissom Landing rock roads to Stanley after 1890 since that would help them transport whiskey via the railroad.

The Messenger, Thursday Jan 24, 1904 - Land Sale at Grissom Landing

In January 1904, there was a Master Commissioners sale of Grissom Landing Farms, Hotel and lots. One tract had 50 acres; one tract had an acre with hotel, and one tract with an old mill.

Post Office

Thomas Monarch became Postmaster in 1868 for 20 years followed by James Mattingly and William Grissom. The name changed to Grissom in 1895. James Ralston, Richard Graham, and Richard Monarch were the last Postmasters until in 1899 it closed and papers transferred to Stanley.

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