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We Three Men's Clothing Store

We Three 1937 Advertisement
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Founded: 1937
Founders: Edward R. Kunze, Marvin Moseley Sr, Arthur Clary
Location: 112 E 2nd St, Owensboro, KY

Edward R. Kunze Celebrates 50th Year as Clothier (1952)

The beginning of his 50th year in the clothing business in the same block on Main Street will be celebrated tomorrow by Edward R. Kunze, manager of We Three men's store, 112 E. 2nd St.

Kunze began his long career in 1903 as a delivery boy for Wile Brothers clothing store, located in the building now occupied by the J. J. Newberry Co. After 23 years with this firm, he went with the men's clothing department of the S. W. Anderson Co, where he remained for 10 years. 

In 1937, Kunze, Marvin Moseley Sr, and Arthur Clary formed a partnership and founded the We Tree store. Three days after the grand opening came the disastrous '37 flood. Though most of the downtown business houses escaped serious damage, Kunze recalls selling merchandise in an overcoat when his building was without heat for several weeks. 
He became acting manager of the business in 1947 when Clary resigned. When the elder Moseley died, Mark Moseley Jr. took over his father's interest in the firm. Associated with Kunze now are his son Ralph Kunze, young Moseley and Moseley's brother-in-law, James T. Stevenson.

Concerning the change in men's style trends during the half century, Kunze says clothes are now "much more sensible than they were in 1903." He says in his day he has sold everything from stiff hats to sport coats, from high button shoes with toothpick toes to men's loafers. A good suit 50 years back cost in the neighborhood of $10, an overcoat $7.50, shoes $3.50, and a $3 hat topped off the outfit, Kunze recalls.

Aside from his business career, Kunze is known as a lifelong member of the Evangelical and Reformed Church, where he has held every office in the Sunday school and church organizations. He is a member of the Masonic lodge, the Rotary Club, the Salvation Army Board, and serves as vice president of the Gospel Center Mission.