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Until 1909, county students wanting a high school education had to come to Owensboro. In that year, there were 16 county students attending Owensboro High School. In 1909, the county decided to build a high school of its own and asked the towns in the county to bid on a new school. In March, the county board of education met at the courthouse to hear the offers. Utica and Whitesville both made offers, and after hearing theirs, representatives from Stanley and Maceo decided to not to proceed. The school superintendent, R. L. Allen, and the eight members of the school board decided whether to locate the school in Whitesville or Utica. After an hour, they decided to build two high schools instead.

Technically, Utica High School was the first in the county. It cost $17,000 to build and was made of concrete.

The building was later remodeled and became the Utica Elementary & Jr. High School in 1940.

Deed Information

1909 - From Lloyd to Board of Education, 3.92ac, Deed 86-545