Samuel Calhoun

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Rev. Samuel Calhoun, grandfather of C. C. Calhoun, removed with his father, George Calhoun, to Daviess County, Kentucky, where he became profoundly and deeply impressed with a call to the ministry, and although his education had been neglected, on account of delicate health and poor facilities, yet with remarkable perseverance he prepared himself for his high calling, which he soon entered with his heart and soul full of love for his fellow-man and fired with enthusiasm to proclaim to them the glad tidings of the gospel of peace. He soon became one of the leaders of his church (the Cumberland Presbyterian), preaching all over Southwestern Kentucky for a term of fifty years. At all times and under all circumstances he absolutely refused to receive any salary for his work, yet his financial prosperity abounded largely above that of his fellows. He held his congregations solidly together during the exciting scenes of the Civil War; and at the ripe age of eighty-six years, he was called away from his earthly labors to receive an eternal reward at the hands of his Master.

Source: Biographical Cyclopedia of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. John M. Gresham Company, Chicago, Philadelphia, 1896. Courtesy of the Daviess County Bicentennial Committee