Red Hill, Kentucky

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  • 1886 Directory Listing for Red Hill
    AKA: Andersonville

The community of Red Hill is about fourteen miles from Owensboro and was first known as Andersonville.

Early Settlers

Some of the early residents, and most noticeable family names, around the area include, and are not limited to, the Yeisers, Salmons, Cundiffs, Hoovers, Johnsons, and Parks.


There was a school house in Red Hill located near the crossroads and was named Red Hill School House. It educated many generations of young people in the community throughout the years until it closed. In 1886, the teacher at the school house was Miss Mollie Dalson. In the late 1800s, the school house was also used by the Elders Daniel E. Yeiser and B.Y. Cundiff to hold church services. These services were held until September 9th, 1893, when members from Sugar Grove Baptist, Green Brier Baptist, and Oak Grove Baptist Churches came together and formed a new church in the neighborhood. This new church would be called Red Hill Baptist Church, after the school house nearby.

General Stores

In 1886, there was one general store owned by G.O. May, and later in the twentieth century, there were two general stores directly across from each other. One was owned by the Salmon family and the other by Homer Cossler. These two stores formed an interesting business partnership. When one store did not carry something the customer needed, they were sent to the other store for what they needed. Salmon’s store shut down in the early 1950s and Homer Cossler’s store closed in the late 1960’s or very early 1970s. Red Hill was also home to William Harold Riddle, better known as Hal Riddle. Riddle was a Hollywood star and part of the movie industry in Hollywood and a part of Broadway Theater for years, and is best known for his role in Little House on the Prairie. Although the community is not as vibrant as it once was, it is still alive and well in the memory of those who grew up and lived there.

Andersonville Post Office

The post office of Andersonville, which was established by Americus F. Davis on June 30, 1892 (and closed in March 1906), was on Ky. 140, at the site of the crossroads hamlet now locally called Red Hill, thirteen miles SSE of Owensboro. It is not known for which of the county’s several prominent Andersons it was named. Samuel Anderson was a pioneer preacher; James B. Anderson (1808-1867) was the director of Owensboro’s first bank(established 1850); and the brothers T. S. and W. K. Anderson, also bankers, served many county farmers.

Postmaster Appointment Year Compensation Compensation Year
Americus F. Davis 6/30/1892 $19.79 1893
$31.63 1895
$37.28 1897
$43.56 1899
Travis M. Chapel
$56.73 1901
$52.56 1903
$37.69 1905