J. D. Whayne

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J. D. Whayne, Denton. Texas.— Born June 11th, 1832, at Owensboro, Ky., and enlisted in the Confederate Army at Springfield. Ky., on Oct. 1, 1862, as private in Company A, First Kentucky Cavalry. Kelly’s Division, Wheeler’s Corps, Army of Tennessee. My first Captain was Dr. C. Moore, and first Colonel was Ben. Hardin Helm. We were with Albeit Sidney Johnston, Bragg, and Joseph E. Johnston all the time. Our brigade was composed of the First, Second and Ninth Kentucky, and Dorches Battery of Tennessee. Was never wounded nor sick during the war, and was on duty every day till the surrender. Had a brother, Deceous Whayne of Cobb’s Battery, killed at Murfreesboro on Jan. 3, 1863. Was taken prisoner at the battle of Peachtree Creek near Atlanta, but escaped the second day and got back to my company. Was surrendered at Washington. Ga., April 17th, 1865, the day after President Davis surrendered; and was paroled at Nashville, Tenn., May 20th. 1865. The night before the surrender we were paid $47.00 in silver by order of Mr. Davis. (Mr. Whayne does not say so, but it is supposed that the regiment was paid this sum.) Was in the battles of Perryville, Ky.. Murfreesboro. Missionary Ridge, Chickamauga, and was under fire from there to Atlanta, and then followed Sherman to the sea and made our last fight at Bentonville, N. C. There was a hundred days that we were under fire some time during the day or night.

Source: Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray 1861-1865, compiled by Mamie Yeary, Smith & Lamar Publishing House, Dallas, TX, 1912 Courtesy of the Daviess County Bicentennial Committee