Glenville, Kentucky

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Name Timeline

  • 1824-1844 - John Moseley established the first post office on June 12, 1825 as Long Falls Creek, named for the stream ¾ miles south.
  • 1844-1864- Glenville became the official name when the community residents selected the name from a list prepared by the U.S. Post Office.
  • 1864-1884 - Long Falls Creek
  • 1884-Current - Glenville

Early History

This community was originally a part of Daviess County until 1854 when McLean County was created and now the community sits on the county line near the junction of Hwy 81 and Hwy 140.

In 1859, the post office was moved and renamed Glenville while William S. Givens was Postmaster. The post office was discontinued in 1905.

Source: Paper - Sept. 24, 1884-Long Falls, McLean Co. will be changed to Glennville on Oct. 1, 1884. And with reference to Shelia Helfin article.