Frederick Tanner

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Rev. Frederick Tanner was a good, plain, humble preacher. He united with Buck Creek church in McLean county, soon after its constitution, in 1812, and was probably baptized by Benjamin Talbot. After serving that church as clerk, a number of years, he was ordained to the ministry, in 1830, and, afterwards, served it as pastor, for a considerable time. He was also pastor of several other churches, at different periods. He had an humble opinion of his abilities, and, as he expressed it, only consented to serve a church, when it could procure no other preacher. Yet Dr. Coleman regarded him as a man of superior natural endowments, and, under favorable circumstances, an eloquent and powerful preacher. He maintained a spotless Christian character, and exerted an excellent influence over the people who knew him best. He died, at his home, in McLean county, at a ripe old age, about 1868.

Source: A history of Kentucky Baptists: from 1769 to 1885, Vol. 2. John H. Spencer, Cincinnati, 1886 Courtesy of the Daviess County Bicentennial Committee