Daviess County Courthouse

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Daviess County Courthouse in Winter - Early 2014. - Photo by [AP Imagery]

The First Building (1815-1819)

The first Daviess County Courthouse was a log structure that stood from 1815-1819.

The Second Building (1819-1858)

The first "regular" courthouse was built in 1819/20 and it remained in service till 1858.

The Third Building (1859-1865)

This replacement was a new and larger brick courthouse that was originally supposed to be completed by Oct 1, 1857. It wasn't completed until 1859-59 though it was partially occupied in the winter of 1858. It was a 60 x 80 ft and was two stories plus a basement. This is the courthouse that was burnt down January 6, 1865 during the Civil War.

The Fourth Building (1866-1964)

The next courthouse was built on the old foundation during 1866-1868 and its first court session was held July 6, 1868. The dimensions were the same as the previous building, but it was a little higher and differently ornamented. The original contract cost was $55,000, but after the finishings, heavy furniture, bell and clock, it actually cost about $63,000. In October and November of 1868, the clock was built by a man from Boston, Mass. and the bell, weighing 1,100 lbs. was put up Novemeber 27th. An iron fence was put up around the public square and completed June 26, 1869, and it was fully complete with its furnishings and surroundings in the fall of 1869. A tornado blew its roof off in 1881. This courthouse was in service until 1964.

Belltower Removed

The bell, bell, and clock were removed in 1927 when they were condemned for the sake of safety.

The Fifth/Current Building (1964-Current)

The current limestone courthouse was constructed in 1964 around the previous courthouse. Only after the move was the older building demolished.