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  • 1886 Directory Listing for Philpot
    AKA: Philpott, Philpott Station

Philpott and Company, which was made up of Samuel Clements, John Marcus Wagoner, and Augustus J. Philpott, bought two acres on the Leitchfield Road in March 1872. There they built a general store, a house and a blacksmith shop. In June 1872, a post office was established and named for Philpott.

In 1875 the name was changed to Philpott’s Station because it was on the stagecoach line between Owensboro and Leitchfield. Later the name was shortened to Philpot. Founder Augustus Philpott, operated the town’s first grocery store and ran an unsuccessful race for the Kentucky House of Representatives in 1875. By 1874, Philpott had its first physician, Dr. Samuel J. Harris, and a decade later had added a flour mill and sawmill. The railroad from Owensboro to Fordsville was opened in 1889, and by 1892 the population had increased to 42 people.

Philpot has never been an incorporated community, but has continued to grow. The establishment of Premium Allied Tool Company greatly increased employment opportunities, and the area has developed as a residential suburb of Owensboro. By 2010 Philpot extended for several miles long KY. 54. It is the current site of the Lion’s Club County Fairgrounds.


  • Philpot School House
  • Philpot Elementary


Reference to an article by Glenn Hodges