John R. Calhoun

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John R. Calhoun, father of C. C. Calhoun and youngest son of Rev. Sam Calhoun, was born in Daviess County, Kentucky, March 17, 1839. Owing to delicate health, and much against his will, he was forced to give up his college course, in which he gave great promise and through the advice of his physicians he has devoted himself to farming, spending what spare time he could in the study of the Bible and sacred literature, and to the service of his church. December 11, 1862, he was married to Miss Margaret N. Bosley, who was educated at Science Hill, Shelbyville, Kentucky. Mrs. Calhoun being possessed of high intellectual endowments, kind and gentle manner, unselfish and considerate of others, is loved and admired by all who know her. Her father, Nicholas G. Bosley, was born in Maryland, April 9, 1803, and came to Daviess County, Kentucky, in 1826. He possessed great enterprise and industry with the highest morality and integrity. By hard work and good management, he acquired a comfortable fortune, but had a large portion of it taken from him by the Federal forces during the Civil War.

Source: Biographical Cyclopedia of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. John M. Gresham Company, Chicago, Philadelphia, 1896. Courtesy of the Daviess County Bicentennial Committee