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Guy M. Deane, one of the most energetic and promising young business men of Owensboro, son of Silas Mercer and Sallie Moorman Deane, was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, January 5, 1870.

His father was born in Breckenridge County, May 25, 1839; died June 14, 1894. He received a collegiate education and removed to Owensboro when a young man and found employment as a clerk in the old Planters Hotel. For a number of years he was engaged in the drug business in partnership with Mr. Courtney and became interested in the coal business; was the owner of several coal mines near Owensboro, and these being nearer the city than other mines, furnished most of the coal that was consumed in Owensboro for many years. He had been quite prosperous in business and had bright prospects for the future but, as was common in the early tumult of the Civil strife, his heart was fired with zeal for the southern cause, and he abandoned his business and entered the Confederate army as a private in Captain Noel’s Company, First Regiment, Kentucky Volunteers. He was with Captain Noel at Shiloh when that gallant officer received his mortal wound. He continued with the army until the spring of 1863, when he was forced to return to his home in Owensboro, on account of impaired health.

He resumed the operation of his coal mines, at the same time having an interest in the drug business with Pointer & Conway, in which he continued until 1887, at which time he was made president of the Owensboro Savings Bank, a position which he held until his death. He was one of the originators of the Falls of Rough Railroad, and was president of that company at one time.

Notwithstanding his many business interests and his contact with men of affairs, he was an extremely modest man, and accomplished more by his quiet and unassuming manner than others who made more noise in the world. He was always ready and willing to aid and foster any charitable undertaking, whether public or private; he gave liberally to the poor, but did it quietly and with the stipulation that it must not be mentioned publicly. In business his word was as good as his bond, and he adhered to that principle through life, no one ever having known him to fail to keep his promise. He was a living example of manliness, gentleness, integrity and truthfulness. His death was a public calamity, for he was a most useful citizen and greatly loved and respected by all classes.

He was baptised and received into the fellowship of the Baptist Church in 1869, and remained a consistent member until his death, being one of the most liberal supporters of the church and its work. He was a Mason of highest degree.

Mr. Deane was married October 4, 1866, to Sallie Moorman, a highly educated and accomplished lady, a graduate of the Georgetown Female Academy and a member of one of the most honored families of Kentucky. The names of the children of Mr. and Mrs. Deane are: Guy M., born January 5, 1870; Allen, born December 13, 1871; Anna Belle, born November 25, 1873; and Edward, born May 18, 1876.

Somers Deane (grandfather) was a native of Breckenridge County, a prosperous farmer and large slave owner. He was quite prominent as a member of the Baptist Church and was well known as a Democrat of decided convictions. He married Elizabeth Moorman, daughter of James L. Moorman. Guy M. Deane graduated from the high school of Owensboro in the class of 1886, and began business as a retail coal dealer, and in 1890, formed a partnership with Boyd Micheson in the same business; was bookkeeper in the Owensboro Savings Bank until April, 1895, when he began operating a coal mine at Deanefield, in which he is now successfully engaged; is also interested in real estate and is a stockholder and director in the Owensboro Savings Bank. He is one of the most enterprising young business men of the thriving city of Owensboro, well known for his energy, push, business sagacity, integrity and honesty.

Mr. Deane and Sue Griffith were married March 1, 1892, and their only child, Ruth Griffith, was born May 1, 1893. Mrs. Deane is a daughter of Honorable Clinton Griffith, and was educated in Oxford Female College, graduating in 1889.

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