Blue Ruin, Kentucky

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It was created in 1868 when F.M. Austin started a grocery store at the location. He added whiskey to his stock and it was so bad that the store and surrounding area became known as Blue Ruin. The naming of the community is attributed to Joseph Waltrip.

The Owensboro Weekly Messenger April 24, 1878 stated that it was located about 4 miles south of West Louisville, and about 2 miles east of Opossum, and 4 miles west of Slip-up, on the road leading from Calhoun to Owensboro, via West Louisville. Buildings in Blue Ruin: John Cravens & Co.-“Beer and Ale Dealers”; James M. Baker with a sign “Murphy Saloon”; Conradus Hyatt, dealer in old trinkets; former residence of William H. Cravens now the headquarters of the Police officers; G.P. Austin shanty with the sign “Whiskey by the Quart”; L.H. Vanover “Restaurant— meals at all hours—day or night—eggs by the bucket full.”