Benjamin F. Field

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Entertaining Confederate Veteran and Discussing War Times.

Louisville. Ky., Oct-, 27

— Capt. Ben Field, one of the leading citizens of Owensboro, Ky., and a Confederate veteran, for the past few days has been the guest in Louisville of “the Yankee he did not kill.” The “Yankee” in question is Samuel Allen, a retired merchant, residing at 1171 Catalpa street.

Forty-nine years ago the men met under altogether different circumstances. Capt. Field with a detachment of troops belonging to Morgan’s command, was operating in Webster county when they were trapped by Union soldiers. Capt. Field and a comrade were ahead of the squad. They heard a gun pop and Fields’ comrade fell. Believing him killed, Capt. Field prepared to avenge his death, and drew a bead on a Yankee soldier who rode up. The comrade, who was only stunned when a bullet grazed his scalp, scrambled to his feet as Capt. Field was about to fire.

The confederates surrendered. Mr. Allen’s brother met Capt. Field at Owensboro a year ago, and in talking over “war times” learned that the latter was the “rebel” who spared his brothers’ life.

Source: The Duluth Evening Herald, October 23, 1911 Courtesy of the Daviess County Bicentennial Committee